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Our Story

Initial thought of starting an ecommerce venture of own came to the mind of our techie founder after accomplishing branding success for international ecommerce brands via his IT Venture. An initial moral support, later prove to be a decision making support, his mother encouraged to start this journey. This path of our founder began when he founded his two Textile Budding Engineers to be a strong backbone for Kalahues.

Our Vision

Our Vision is t promote a traditional art that is practised not in a large scale so as to generate its demand in great capacity. There comes the two Textile Engineers to support this data and begin this ecommerce venture dedicated to TYE & DYE method of clothing apparel.

“Let’s wear the trend. Wear Tye & Dye, Be Kalahuesers.”

Why choose us

Free shipping

We generally offer Free Shipping only for orders above ₹1999.

Save Money

When you shop for us you are bound to saave your money because our rates are affordable and reasonable. We are committed to cap our pricings.

24/7 Online Support

We response to all the online queries. However, we do not entertain for returns or refunds, as Tye & Dye is handmade, it might look different and unique.

Contact information

At Kalahues, we are passionate about youthpreneur & their lifestyle styling. So our designs and apparels are made with love hand.

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Our tye-dye collection isn't just clothing; it's a canvas for your vibrant personality. Embrace the artistry of color and pattern, where each piece tells a story as unique as you are. Life may be black and white, but your wardrobe should be a riot of color. Welcome to a world where fashion is a celebration of individuality, and each swirl of dye is a brushstroke on the canvas of your style journey.

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